Merchant Navy

Merchant Shipping means trading of commercial commodities using ships such as general cargos, oil tankers, chemical tankers, liquid cargos etc. The goods are transported by sea-going ships on International waters all over the world. Merchant Navy career provides an opportunity to visit and acquaint with people from various countries and learn new cultures and much more.

To take up a job in merchant shipping, it is necessary that the applicant should undergo training, the objective being a safe and efficient operation of the ship by trained men. The modern ships today are highly sophisticated, technology-intensive, therefore, professional skills and ability and dedication to duty is imperative.

The training in India covers G.P. Rating course, Deck Cadet and Engine Cadet, All these courses are conducted as per guidelines framed by The Directorate General of shipping in coordination with Indian Maritime  University and therefore the candidates get training of exceptionally high standards. Even Ships officers are made to go through the extensive course of study which requires them to pass written and verbal examination. These examinations are conducted by Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) in the presence of LBS/MMD  panel consisting of DG Nautical Surveyor in the case of Deck officer and Engineer surveyor in the case of Engineers. In view of this background, Indian seafarers are highly preferred in the Shipping Industry across the world. Needless to say, Indian seafarers are in high demand and well-paid.