Career At Sea

Merchant navy officers typically opt for a deck officer or engineering officer roles on the ship. They also share other technical jobs as a part of the team.

Merchant marine offers various job options – from technical to non-technical professionals. Radio officers, captains, able-bodied seamen, chefs, first mate and second mate are the kind of jobs that are available to the interested people. With proper guidance and self-introspection, you should be able to pick the stream as per your capabilities. With higher positions, responsibilities increase and therefore one must be prepared and able to tackle those situations.

As a deck officer, you will be responsible for navigating the ship using state-of-the-art radar and GPS systems, monitoring weather reports, listening to broadcasts and using onboard communication systems to liaise with other crew members. You will additionally oversee other operational responsibilities of your crew, such as the loading of cargo and the use of machinery, complying with health and safety policies and other administrative jobs.

As an engineering officer, you will lead the team of on-board marine engineers who are responsible for maintaining the ship’s machinery, making repairs and overseeing the operation of propulsion, fuel and waste systems, conduct inspections on a regular basis to make sure everything on the ship is functioning effectively.

Merchant Navy officers usually work away from home for months on end. However, they also enjoy a good span of vacation when they return home.